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Anthony Pleasant Sports Complex, Century, FL

Anthony Pleasant Sports ComplexThis project is a 22 acre area in Century, Florida being developed into a sports complex. Fabre Engineering & Surveying was responsible for performing a boundary and topographic survey, preparing master plan layout and design of baseball field, football/soccer field, baseball/football/soccer practice field, site parking, nature trails, roadways, and sitework associated with a restroom facility and amphitheater. Fabre Engineering & Surveying was also responsible for the design of sitework, paving, grading, drainage and utilities. A new driveway connection to State Highway 4 was required. This driveway connection was required to accommodate an existing Department of Transportation (DOT) outfall structure. The project included the permitting of the site through the Department of Environmental Protection, FDOT, and the Corps of Engineers.

The project was funded by the State, and Fabre Engineering & Surveying worked closely with the Grant Administrator (Regional Planning Council) to control costs, and to develop the site within the budgeted funds.

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