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Planning and Studies

Fabre Engineering & Surveying provides master planning and feasibility studies for water, wastewater, reuse water, and stormwater projects; for site development of commercial and residential real estate; for transportation projects; for parks and recreation projects; for institutions; and for marinas and water front facilities. We have extensive experience in preparation of plans meeting the requirements of EPA, Rural Development, State Environmental Agencies, CDBG Applications, EDA, Department of Community Affairs, FEMA and other agencies. Plans may include evaluation of alternatives; evaluation of the condition and remaining life of infrastructure; environmental assessments; operation and maintenance costs; and life cycle costs. Project schedules are provided when appropriate. Rate studies for water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities are a firm specialty.

Presentation of plans at Public Hearings is often required or desired and multi-media equipment is generally utilized.


State-of-the-Art computer equipment and software are typically used in designing projects and preparing reports, construction plans, and project specifications. The final product is sealed by a seasoned professional engineer and checked by a second engineer as part of our Quality Assurance and Quality Control program (QAQC). Of course, all of our work is covered by professional liability insurance.


Fabre Engineering & Surveying has experience in the preparation of all types of permit applications for site design and infrastructure improvements. The firm has extensive experience dealing with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies throughout Florida and Alabama. Such agencies include the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Environmental Protection Agency, Regional Planning Councils, Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Fish and Wildlife Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Rural Development (formerly Farmers Home Administration), Water Management Districts, Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services, Department of Community Affairs, Department of Natural Resources, and Departments of Transportation.

The firm has extensive experience with comprehensive planning requirements (concurrency) and has obtained permits for the construction and operation of facilities such as roadways; stormwater management systems including the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES); water supply, treatment, and distribution systems; wastewater collection, treatment and reuse/disposal systems; solid waste management projects; dredge and fill projects; marinas; treatment wetlands; and mitigation projects.

Fabre Engineering & Surveying established a novel stormwater treatment banking plan and balance sheet approach in Escambia County, Florida by which multiple disassociated projects could be permitted for FDEP stormwater discharges. This system utilizes regionalized treatment at only a few project sites instead of multiple project specific treatment basins, and is now universally utilized by Escambia County, Florida for roadway and drainage projects.

Construction Administration

The firm’s engineers are experienced in preparing legal advertisements for bids and in obtaining qualified prospective bidders. Bidding services include preparation of bid documents, attending bid openings, evaluating submitted bids, and recommending contract award, when appropriate.

Complete construction administration services (including full-time resident services) can be provided for all projects. The firm feels it is necessary to monitor project construction to insure that the engineering designs called for in the construction documents are properly followed. Inspection of a project by a trained eye can preclude many construction problems that may impair serviceability and increase the time required for completion. Proposed construction materials are reviewed to insure conformance with the contract documents, and assistance is provided in approving pay requests from contractors. Project completion in accordance with permitted plans is typically certified, and project record drawings are provided when requested.


We provide all types of land surveys and specialize in large tract surveys using GPS, aerial, and Lidar methodology. State-of-the-Art equipment and software is used by field and office personnel in all survey work. All work is performed in full accord with the standards of the State involved and is fully covered by professional liability insurance.

Project Financing

We frequently work with clients to obtain grants, low interest loans, and project financing by other means. Currently we are working with clients to obtain project financing from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus). See Areas of Expertise.

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