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Admiral Mason Park

The project consists of the development of approximately 6.2 acres of undeveloped real estate into a regional stormwater treatment facility. The project served two purposes, one to provide for the future required stormwater treatment of certain upstream areas, and two to provide for the alleviation of flooding problems related to existing infrastructure. The project discharges directly to EscambiaBaythrough two 36” reinforced concrete pipes under Bayfront Parkway.  There was extraordinary innovative design for the project considering the low elevation of the site relative to adjacent waters and high ground water table.  A wet detention system was designed to accommodate design restrictions and to provide an aesthetically pleasing facility in a very public place.  The facility is designed to serve 30+ acres of undeveloped property and to reduce impacts on an existing overloaded storm system.  The stormwater treatment facility has a treatment volume of 140,151 ft3 and a total capacity of 420,151 ft3.  The project was designed in accordance with the sections of the Department of Environmental Protection and Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) Environmental Resource Permit Applicants Handbook Volumes I and II and permitted through the NWFWMD and FDOT.  This project received the Florida Stormwater Association 2012 Project Excellence Award. 

Admiral Masin Park

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