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Magnolia West, Perdido Key, Florida

Magnolia WestThis project is a 24 acre mixed-use three phase development on Perdido Key.  The project includes 26,000 SF of commercial (retail and office space) in a 3 story low rise building and 22 single family condominium units in a 6-story high-rise building in Phase 1; 44 single family residences in Phase 2; and 45 time-share units in a 10-story high rise and five detached cottages in Phase 3.

Fabre Engineering & Surveying is responsible for all Civil Engineering aspects of this project including surveying, preliminary planning, infrastructure design (water, sewer, roadways, parking, walking paths, drainage, etc.), and project design team management and coordination.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying is also responsible for permitting the project with Escambia County DRC, FDOT (Drainage and Driveway Connection), FDEP (Stormwater, and NPDES), and ECUA.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying has also provided permitting support services to the subconsultant completing the Dredge and Fill permitting with the County, FDEP, and ACOE and the Beach Mouse permitting with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the US Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service.  Project is currently on-going. Services included:  Site Layout, Site Plan Design, Infrastructure Design, Utility Design, Permitting, Surveying

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