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Escambia County Dirt Road Paving Project – Phase III

Escambia County Dirt Road Paving Project – Phase IIIThis project consisted of the paving of thirty-two separate dirt roadways, including the provision of stormwater drainage and treatment systems, and satisfaction of requirements as established by the FDEP, FDOT, and the Corps of Engineers. As part of this project, Fabre Engineering & Surveying developed the standard practice of stormwater banking to meet


FDEP treatment requirements. The concept was developed and refined to utilize a balance sheet format that minimizes the need for multiple treatment facilities in favor of a few facilities. Fabre Engineering maximized the benefit of the banking system by permitting for treatment credits the stormwater volumes captured primarily for attenuation benefits. Through this system, Escambia County has saved many thousands of dollars and will to reap savings in reduced maintenance costs, due to fewer required treatment facilities. Construction Cost: $3,500,000.


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