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Muldoon Road Area Drainage Improvements, Phase I & II

Muldoon Road Area Drainage Improvements, Phase I & IIThis project consists of retrofitting an existing residential region having a drainage basin in excess of seven hundred acres with a stormwater collection and attenuation system designed to alleviate numerous known flooding hazards. The proposed stormwater collection/transmission system includes approximately 24,000 feet of pipe, ranging from 18” in diameter to 8’ x 5’ box culverts, and 27,000 feet of sodded swales.

Phase I of the project consists of three detention ponds totaling 7,300,000 cubic feet of storage volume have been constructed and placed in service.

Phase II consists of the stormwater collection/transmission and two stormwater pumping stations used to recover storage volume of the three detention ponds.

Muldoon Road Area Drainage Improvements, Phase I & IIThe design effort included an initial conceptualization and study phase followed by complete surveying and civil design services, to produce final construction plans. The study included technical and cost evaluations of multiple alternatives for the correction of the flooding problems.


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