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Northern Century Drainage Improvements

North Century Drainage Improvements 2

Phase I of this project consisted of a Drainage Study of a 150-acre urban watershed, 100-year design for a culvert crossing of U.S. Highway 29 and culvert and ditch improvements for 2,000 feet of existing FDOT drainage ditch.  Phase II implemented some of the recommended improvements and developed construction plans and specifications, worked closely with funding agencies (FDOT,FL DCA, FEMA, HUD) and permitted the project with FDOT, U.S. North Century Drainage Improvements 1Army Corp of Engineers, and FDEP.  The constructed project included a 1,000 feet of stream widening and slope stabilization to an existing drainage ditch.  The scope of services also included the installation of 24 LF 6’ x 4’ box culvert.

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