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Stormwater Management Study of Plant at Armstrong, Pensacola, FL

Stormwater Management Study of Plant at Armstrong World IndustriesThis project consisted of the determination of the cause of recurring flooding problems at the Armstrong World Industries Pensacola plant, and the conceptualization, analysis, and recommendation of available alternatives for the minimization of the hazards related to the flooding.  This study included the mapping of process and stormwater flows throughout the Armstrong complex, and a quantitative determination of the system flow capacities and the anticipated flows from various storms.  Based on the developed quantitative data, Fabre Engineering developed a matrix of available interrelated action alternatives and associated cost projections.  Finally, the study developed a proposed action plan for the minimization of the flood hazard, which included source reduction and the addition of a side stream combined sewer overflow storage system.

Categorised as: Transportation and Stormwater

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