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Untreiner Avenue Retention Pond No. 1

Untreiner Avenue Retention Pond No. 1The project involved the detailed design and bidding of a regional stormwater detention facility with a storage volume of 5.7 million cubic feet. The design effort started from a conceptual layout included in the County’s stormwater master plan, and expanded to utilize a side stream design, instead of the conceptual flow through design. This change maximized the efficiency of the pond design, and allowed the FDEP permitting of the pond’s treatment capacity to realize a 1.7 million cubic foot credit to the County’s stormwater banking system. This will allow the paving of one hundred and forty-one miles of roads throughout the Perdido River Basin, without an FDEP requirement for additional treatment. Construction Cost: $347,000.00

Categorised as: Transportation and Stormwater

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