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Century Wastewater Treatment Plant: 0.45 MGD

Century Wastewater Treatment Plant

Master planning, design, permitting, cost estimating, and construction inspection of the 0.45 MGD, custom, reinforced concrete wastewater treatment plant.  The plant includes a static screen, flow equalization, diffused aeration (extended aeration), clarification, lime addition, chlorination, and dechlorination.  The plant was part of the original Town sewer system, costing more than $5 million.  The project was funded by a $3 million grant, a contribution-in-aid-of-construction of $1 million from the Department of Corrections, and a $550,000.00 grant and a $1.7 million loan from the Farmers Home Administration (now Rural Development).  Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided services included: Funding Assistance, Master Planning, Design, Permitting, Cost Estimating, and Construction Inspection. 

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