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Holley-Navarre Wastewater Treatment Plant – 2.0 MGD Expansion

Holley-Navarre Wastewater Treatment Plant - 2.0 MGD Expansion

The treatment plant expansion consisted of the addition of a 1.0 MGD Carrousel oxidation ditch; two 0.5 MGD clarifiers; a 1.0 MGD traveling hood filter; chlorine contact chambers; effluent pumping station; a 1.0 MGD reject storage pond; and gravity flow, plastic media, sludge drying beds. The project also included conversion of the existing Davco treatment plant to provide additional aerobic, sludge digestion capacity and backup aeration capacity to achieve FDEP Class I reliability. Through this extensive reuse of existing facilities, the construction budget was significantly reduced. Due to the treatment plant’s location, the permitting effort included extensive dredge-and-fill permitting and wetlands impact mitigation. Our provided services included: Master Planning, Design, Surveying, Permitting, and Construction Administration. Construction Cost for project was $2,200,000.00.

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