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Holley-Navarre AWT Wastewater Treatment Plant – 3.0 MGD Expansion

Holley-Navarre Wastewater Treatment Plant - 3.0 MGD ExpansionFabre Engineering provided the design and permitting services for an expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant to 3.0 MGD. The expansion includes the addition of all necessary tankage and components to make the process advanced wastewater treatment (AWT), and included a new 7.0 MGD, Master Lift Station. The third oxidation ditch and clarifier were already constructed as Fabre Engineering & Surveying was successful in obtaining a dry permit from FDEP to install those components without a lengthy permitting process. This allowed HNWS to save money by utilizing the services of the on-site contractor. The 3.0 MGD facility included updated and expanded operator control through the SCADA system. The upgrade to AWT was facilitated and construction cost minimized because Fabre Engineering & Surveying wisely designed the plant hydraulics and treatment component spacing for that potential requirement. Consequently, demolition/relocation of existing structures and construction of re-pumping facilities was not required.


In addition to the WWTP expansion, an area-wide, reuse permit was included in the permitting process as well as the addition of two rapid infiltration basin projects. The foresight in including these projects in one permit resulted in a permit cost saving to HNWS of $20,000.00. Construction Cost $3,000,000.00. Services included: Master Planning, Surveying, Design, Permitting, and Construction Administration.


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