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Main Street WWTP – Grit Removal and Mechanical Screening – 40 MGD

Main Street WWTPFabre Engineering & Surveying completed the design for the Grit System Improvements Project at the Main Street WWTP.  The purpose of this project was to increase the removal efficiency of fine grit particles from the plant’s influent.  Such fines increase wear and reduce the life expectancy of subsequent sludge dewatering centrifuges.  After extensive evaluation, and the receipt of equipment bids based on specifications prepared by Fabre, ECUA elected to utilize the Grit King® system by Hydro International for this project.  After receipt of installation bids based on construction documents prepared by Fabre, ECUA decided to combine the project with a complete headworks renovation.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying is currently designing mechanical screening facilities and will assist in rebidding, construction administration, and start up of the $2 million project.

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