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St. George Island Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

This project is located on environmentally sensitive St. George Island.  The project was designed to replace the original 50,000 GPD secondary plant.  The original wastewater treatment plant was a pre-fabricated steel plant.  Due to the location, (400 feet from the gulf, on adjacent beach) and local weather (blowing sand and salt water), design of the new facility had to incorporate innovative design features.  The facility designed was a 100,000 GPD concrete, advanced wastewater treatment plant with limited metal components to withstand the environment.  The facility was also designed to provide adequate treatment over the seasonal flow rate of 15,000 GPD to 80,000 GPD, by providing two separate treatment trains and internal surge protection.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided services included:  Planning, Design, Preparation of Construction Plans, and Permitting.

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