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Midway Water System Well No. 4

Midway Well No. 4This project involved the siting of a potable water well at the foot of the Garcon Point Bridge Road, the completion of a test well, and the development of a production potable water well and treatment plant.  The well produces 350 gpm from the sand and gravel aquifer, with chlorine, lime addition, and aeration for hydrogen sulfide removal.  This project also involved the CyberNet modeling of the Midway Water System as part of the siting process.

One unique aspect of this project was the team approach utilized in the well and treatment plant construction.  Through a cooperative approach, the contractor and owner shared in construction responsibilities, with Fabre Engineering providing project oversight.  This allowed the owner to utilize its in-house expertise to help minimize construction costs.  Our provided services included: Test Well Program Administration, Design, Permitting, and Construction Monitoring.

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