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Pace Water System Well & Water Plant No. 9

Pace Water Plant No 9Fabre Engineering first assisted Pace Water System, Inc. in locating a suitable site for a new well, water treatment plant, and elevated storage tank. The water system was modeled to determine a suitable location hydraulically. Once a site was found, Fabre Engineering prepared specifications for a test well to determine well and pump design parameters for the sand and gravel aquifer. Once testing showed that water of acceptable quality and quantity was available, Fabre Engineering designed, developed construction documents, permitted, and monitored a 1,000 GPM well and water treatment plant a 500,000 gallon elevated tank, and 6,200 linear feet of 12” water transmission line. The facility was placed online in 1999 and is designed to operate under extreme weather and power failure conditions, as the entire facility can operate utilizing a backup diesel engine drive with a power takeoff generator. Our provided services included: Engineering Design, Regulatory Permitting, and Construction Administration.

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